Slippers and Lycra

Thank you for visiting my site. It’s new and a bit of a work in progress but hopefully, with time,  it will become both more interesting and more fun!

On the Life In The Pink page, you can find some of my previous posts about my experience of breast cancer and my sometimes lightly crazy ideas and weird views on the subject. It’s coming up to ten years now since my diagnoses and I am feeling well and moving forward. I hope that, through this blog and my various adventures in trying to keep fit, I can inspire and motivate anyone who is currently going through the hideous world that is cancer. I also hope that I might inspire and motivate people who are either like me (getting in a bit) or feel they have just hit a brick wall and want some motivation that doesn’t come from a young, skinny thing that can bend in every direction! I’m in my 60’s so there’s no way I will be hitting the floor and giving you 50! Getting fit and keeping fit, needs to be done with a smile and because you want to, not through tears because someone is telling you that you have or need to.

I’m also hoping to bring to Life In The Pink, a few fashion suggestions for ladies who, after mastectomy, are living without reconstruction and help find the most flattering up to date tops and dresses for all occasions.

In and amongst all this, I have cycled from London to Paris to raise over £2500 for women’s cancer charities. It was a great experience and I will be writing about that very soon so press the Follow Me button to avoid missing any relevant posts.

You can read more about me in the About page and you can find my Women’s Cancer fundraising page here –