Lists and Plans for a FOLI

We are into the 2nd week of 2019 and I have procrastinated for long enough. Since my return from the London to Paris bike ride (which I still haven’t written about, despite all my good intentions). I seem to have been in a state of limbo with little motivation to jump back onto the social media merry-go-round.

When I stepped off the ferry onto French soil, my phone went into a furious meltdown, draining my battery and leaving me with no communication, no satnav, and no camera to record my adventure. While I might have expected this to cause me to follow my phone into a hyper-hysterical meltdown of my own, I did in fact, enjoy the disconnection. With no social media and no way of contacting home, I should have been panicking at cycling across a strange country with no back up for help or directions (I should mention here that I was with over 100 other women but believe it or not, we were frequently separated) The worse thing though, should have been my planned posting of 100’s of cycling selfies, but that wasn’t the case at all. The peaceful ride through the French countryside was made all the more enjoyable with no phone distractions and the hours stretched out into what felt like, much longer days that allowed me more time to enjoy my surroundings and really breath in the atmosphere.

The end of the ride into Paris was absolutely brilliant but not for the reasons you might think and for reasons that I definitely did not expect but I’ll tell you all about that when I eventually wake from this post ride limbo and get writing!

Since I got back, I have found it difficult to even pick up my phone (though the screen time report seems to contradict that fact!) and I have no motivation to read or fill my Instagram feed. Worse still, despite being generally rubbish at the writing game, I always enjoyed a bit of scribbling whereas lately, it’s felt a bit of a chore.

With Christmas a distant memory and 2019 off the starting blocks, it’s time I snapped out of it and got on with my plans for the year ahead. This is NOT a list of New Year’s resolutions! I don’t do those, or at least I haven’t done since about my twelfth failed attempt at ‘learning a new language’ and being a healthier, better version of myself. However, I have always been a planner and a list maker. I drive my friends mad with my planning, even on holiday, I need to plan the day ahead, even if that plan is to not make any plans. So for me, resolutions are out but plans and lists are always top of my list of things I need to make a list of.

It took 12 months of training and planning for the charity bike ride, so now having no goal on which to focus and plan, it’s left me wondering what I would do next! No goals would leave me with nothing to plan, nothing to make lists of, and no photo’s to post or things to write about! That in turn, made me think that I should just delete my accounts and not bother. But a little nagging voice in the back of my mind kept shouting No, No, NO! You would probably label this as FOMO (fear of missing out) but actually, it’s more of FOLI (fear of losing it). I’ve always had the phone, the ipad, the current social media app, not because of FOMO but because I don’t want to lose the knowledge or, even worse, not have it in the first place! As technology moves forward, I want to, at the very least, have a basic understanding of it. I don’t want to be that sweet old lady that has no idea of the latest technology and has to ask a small child how to book my next doctors appointment! I want to know the latest technology and how to use it, I need to be ON IT!

I loved those three phoneless days in France, they were wonderfully peaceful, long and full of real-life – Yes, Real Life! – and it’s taken three months to re-light my interest in my old ‘normal life’, easing myself back into the social-media playground. To re-awaken my enthusiasm and feed my ‘Plan & List’ habit, I am planning on getting back on my bike and 2019 will be full of glorious days exploring. I will have lists of new routes to try around the English countryside, visiting it’s lovely villages and fingers crossed, a bit of house hunting along the way.

Aside from the cycling, top of my list for 2019 will be perfecting (or at least improving) my swimming and running. As I am one of those who cannot see the point in doing things unless there’s an end goal in sight, I have booked both myself and my newly retired husband into two triathlons
(that’s my husband that has retired from work, not a husband that I am retiring in favour of a younger one.) And yes, two triathlons! Neither of us can run and the husband can’t even swim so it’s going to be an interesting few months for us (oh so many plans and lists to make!) We did a relay a couple of years ago where I swam, the husband biked and a friend ran but I was so disappointed when my part was over that I have wanted to do the whole thing ever since, though I’m not sure that the husband is quite as enthusiastic!

In between triathlon training, I am planning on finally, finishing the house and garden that we started renovating 20 years ago! Finish writing a book (another of the oft-failed new year’s resolutions) and try and make my banana fingers create at least one decent handicraft. It’s not a long list of plans but they will certainly fill my days this year. Hopefully, it will be fun and not plagued with injury or failure – but I’ll let you know.

One thought on “Lists and Plans for a FOLI

  1. Dear Jo, you might be into James Clear. He writes about the science of habits. We’re agreed on relations although last year I set up several and did them. I just couldn’t bring myself to add any new ones as I struggle to do the old ones. Anyway, you’ve got me best in the fitness game as I don’t runs smoothly haven’t had a place to swim for a long while. Also have any issue that I got aqua PT for and swimming was not great. Anyway, how is this for a goal? Ride for enjoyment. I’d love to trash my Garmin watch and Strava, stop biking, stop walking, stop yogaing and even stop writing for a while. But I know if regret it. Now I’m a. Little sick so may have to. Anyway, asking as you’re working toward something a little here and there and enjoying the journey – as you did in France – then you’re already ahead. Great job!

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