Soft Tissue Issue? The Specialized Solution

You’re probably aware of the struggle I went through with my poor, horrendously painful, bike butt and my quest for carefree cycling, well, after a good bike fit, good shorts and the right saddle, I was finally able to enjoy miles and miles of sunny days on my bike.  But in the interests of lady cyclists everywhere (and their ‘precious’ areas), I like to keep my eye out for any new innovations that proffer to help with the tricky issue of our ‘nether regions’ and so I was delighted to get my cheeks on this little beauty, the Specialized Mimic designed especially for women and the ‘soft tissue issue’ (there’s a catchy phrase.)

Having been disappointed by many saddles that promised to be the answer to our prayers, I wasn’t really expecting much but when I hopped aboard the Mimic I immediately knew that this was one saddle that seemed to be holding up to its promises. The seat was supportive and comfortable while the short nose, with its soft foam padding, was barely noticeable.

Due to bad weather and early darkness, I wasn’t able to give this saddle the 100k road trial I would have liked, instead, I rode my gravel bike on some very hard and lumpy tracks that could shake your fillings out yet kept me secure and comfortable in the saddle with no post ride bruising or soreness.

The secret of the saddle’s design is that it mimics (hence the name) the problematic soft tissue area. The multi-layered construction gives firm support under the sit bones and the combination of both memory and soft foam along with flexible thermoplastic rubber adapts to the body while the tapered wings avoid irritating chafing. Whether you suffer from too much pressure, numbness or just general discomfort, this saddle promises to solve them all.

Although I didn’t get to ride for as long as I would have liked, from the few times I went out, I am pretty confident that my precious lady garden would enjoy a full day in this saddle and I am definitely putting the Specialized Mimic on my Christmas list this year.

Here are the design points of the Mimic from the Specialized team.

• Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure blood flow to sensitive arteries.

• Innovative Mimic technology uses multilayered materials to maintain equilibrium and minimize swelling in soft tissue.

• Lightweight, durable, and hollow titanium rails.

• Level II padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning.

• SWAT™-compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.

• Weight: 200g

There are four versions of the Mimic with prices starting from around £80. For more information, you can find full details on the Specialized website or from SpeedHub.

One final note from me –

These are my opinions and while I highly recommend this saddle, we are all different shapes and one size does not fit all so be sure to, where possible, try before you buy and always make sure the saddle is fitted correctly for your riding style and position. All the techno info is as I was advised as I find all that stuff boring and it whizzes right over my head. The only thing I’m interested in is being able to ride my bike as often as possible, as safely as possible and in complete comfort so that’s the bit I offer my opinion on.  Happy cycling girls.

4 thoughts on “Soft Tissue Issue? The Specialized Solution

  1. “Precious lady garden,” he he he! That was hilarious! I almost fell out of my saddle, damaging my masculine naughty bits. Actually, I rode a Liberator seat which was for women, and the bike I was using that finally got a crack in the al-you-min-ee-um downtube was a women’s bike, which I either didn’t know until recently or forgot. Anyway, does the Mimic come in a men’s?


    1. Erm, I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think it does. But I’ve heard other guys say that the Specialized saddles are very comfortable so I’m sure there will be one in the range to suit you. Be warned though, they’re not the cheapest on the market.


    1. It will have to be something Amaaaazing to take the place of my Cob Plus2! So happy with that saddle I’d be loath to swap for anything other than an armchair! 😂. Wishing you a Happy and successful 2019.


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