Staggering Santa

I’m sure there will be lots of Santa’s staggering under the influence of too much Christmas spirit this year but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Christmas celebrations came to our house this year on December 1st. My step-sons girlfriend is from the US and they are spending Christmas across the pond. I was, at first, a teeny-tiny bit jell of the huge family Christmas that they will be having, interspersed with a one day trip into New York for lunch, but I’m very happy for them and as it is, it’s actually turned out to be a good thing for me.

An early Christmas sounds a bit naff and slightly tragic but it was quite the opposite and I can highly recommend it. My last minute gift buying and stocking up on food and drink, not to mention prepping bedrooms, cleaning and Christmas decorating and cooking, was soooo much easier and stress-free! No scrapping for trollies or trying to grab the last 2 brussels sprouts, no circling town for that elusive parking space and no bewildered men, aimlessly trailing the shops on Christmas Eve, wondering what the hell they can buy that won’t cause disappointment and will hopefully lead to sex.

Our family get-together was absolutely fabulous (not in an AbFab way I hasten to add) the children were adorable and the food not at all bad (you’re welcome 🤗) Games were played and though there was some slightly tense, competitive banter and the odd death stare (mainly from me) the weekend ended well and everyone had a lovely time.

Now that the main event is over for us, there are no dreary post-Christmas days of clearing away the mess, discussing whether to bother doing anything for New Years and setting ourselves up for a February fail by writing motivational, new year resolutions, we are instead, looking forward to more social events. We have parties planned, weekends away and lots more fun to be had with absolutely NO more organising or shopping! 

Every morning from now until January 1st, I will be high-fiving my husband and doing my happy dance as I stir the porridge. No stress, fuss, crowds, queues or fighting for the last of anything. I’ve enjoyed it so much,  I plan on doing it again next year and I think, in the interests of stressfree Christmases for all, everyone should consider staggering Santa’s visits.

Cheers everyone, enjoy your shopping,  I’ll be in the bar x

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