There’s been a name change

I’ve gone for a name change which, may seem an odd thing to do but I felt it was needed.  I tried blogging some time ago when I was recovering from breast cancer, I called it ‘Life in the Pink’ and the idea was that I would talk about getting back to some level of fitness after cancer.  I wanted to inform and inspire other women who found themselves in the same boat as me, fearful of how long we had left and what the quality of that life might be.   I wanted for us all to feel that there was life after the grueling chemo that had robbed us of our health, self-worth and every bit of bodily hair.

After months of people looking at you with fear in their eyes that said “Please don’t drop down dead in front of me.” or “Jeez, I hope to fuck that cancer isn’t contagious!” you can’t wait to break away from the Cancer label and get back to being just you.

Funnily enough, I had never realised how much chemo had taken out of me until I made a video of the winter snowfall. I walked from my back door, around the house to the front gate, recording the huge, yet gently cascading flakes that had quickly shut off the lane.  Later, when I played it back, instead of seeing the winter white carpet and the twittering of birds as they nestled down in the cover of a holly bush,  I could hear my commentary interspersed with wheezes and gasps as I made a short, stumbling walk to the gate, look like Sir Hillary’s Everest attempt.

That day made me see that my Oscar-winning act of cheeriness that I had adopted for my family and friends,  had also completely fooled me!  It was also about this time when I accepted that all my whining about “shops making clothes so much smaller these days,” were a load of crap and that again, without me noticing, my 18 months of laying on the sofa and yelling at day-time TV had allowed me to gain nearly two stone! I had (for those who remember her) turned into the infamous Waynetta (but without the ‘faaags’.)

From here began the slow drudgery of getting back to some form of fitness which, I had intended to share and hopefully, at the same time, try and bring a few light-hearted moments to what is a shit time in anyone’s life. I wrote a few posts but didn’t seem to be reaching anyone and having no clue about how to attract people to my blog site and having no followers, I took the healthy road to fitness alone. Skip forward and yeah, I did it! I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be but for a 61-year old, I don’t think I’m all that bad!

And now here I am again, wanting to share and hoping that I might motivate and inspire people who want to get fit, get healthy or maybe just have a bit of fun with no ridiculous or unreasonable goals. (Ha, says me who has just entered for, not one but two, triathlons next year!)

So, to kick it off I have changed the name. As I said, my blogging started life as ‘Life in the Pink’ but as I already had Twitter and Instagram accounts as Wiggy’s World and as it’s a play on my name, Wiggy’s World seemed the obvious choice.  However, when I searched for Wiggys World it came up with a variety of things I’d rather not be associated with, Worm Farming being one of them! So now it will be known as Slippers and Lycra – Slippers because many people seem to think that Slippers are what women of my age are supposed to be wearing and Lycra because that’s mainly what I want to wear and do wear most days.

If you’re reading this post – thank you, thank you, thank you. I really hope you will come back and share your story with me and how it’s going. Whatever age you are, whatever your goals or dreams and how to overcome our own limitations and how others perceive what we should be, rather than what we want to be.  All comments and especially any tips are always appreciated.

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