I’m One Bad, Mad, Baaaad Blogger!

What can I say? I started this blog years ago with the very best intentions. You will see a lot of women beginning to write blogs and books about their ‘journeys’ whatever that may be and in many cases, it’s the cancer journey, as was mine.

But I moved on from being sick, I’ve been doing other stuff. I’ve been making the most of every f*ing moment of that precious thing called LIFE.

As you can read in my last posts, I decided to, quite literally, get on my bike and from there I have become engrossed in all things cycling. So much so, I abandoned the blog and instead, posted my daily dalliances on Instagram. The intention was always to write these in more detail and post on here…… but I didn’t, I’m sorry. Blame it on the glorious weather and my passion for taking off for hours a day, cycling wherever the wind (sometimes actually) blew me.

I am a mad, bad blogger but if you will forgive me I’m going to try again and I hope you’ll join me.  There, I’ve put it in writing now so I have to!bike by lake at doddy

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